Well, I haven't been to Castle Combe since I did a Ferrari Club track day back in 1994!

It certainly didn't seem like ten years, I must admit.  The track is really quite good, I thought. Even though it started off as an airfield, in the last few years a couple of chicanes have been added 'to make things more interesting'!!  The approach to the first corner after the start is really quite tricky, much more difficult than it looks from the other side of the track. I don't think I got it quite right all day!! As it was just a one day event for us, I didn't have much time at all to go out and take photos,  but I still managed a few, here they are.







I'm afraid they were all the photos I took of other races, as per usual, we were pretty busy with the car.



Won't be long now............

Yes, we have THIS many in our races!


It WAS very hot that day!

Coming in after practice.

Apologies for this being such a short report,  I'll try and rectify that for my next meeting.


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