The Historic Sports Car Club was asked by organisers Octagon to organise an historic sports car race to support the British Grand Prix. After receiving some 80 entries, the field was whittled down to 45 starters.  Famous names among the starters included Frank Sytner, Robert Brooks, Barrie Williams, Tony Dron, Win Percy, David Piper and Sir Stirling Moss. It really was a mouth-watering array of late 50's and early 60's sports cars!I tried vainly to get some racing shots, but you know how it is at Silversone these days, you're at least half a mile from the track with untold fences etc in between, which is why I'm not including many.

Better off with the paddock shots!

A couple of shots of Adrian Hall's 1955 Lotus 10.

This car is unusual in that it has a Bristol engine.


Garage line-up with the Lotus 15 of David Heynes in the foreground.

Frank Sytner in his 1963 Cooper Monaco.


The Maserati Tipo 61 (yes, allright, I know it's a Birdcage!) of Philippe Marcq.

Birdcage cockpit.


Yes, it's a real one! This is the Ford GT40 Mk1 of Mark Lemmer.

David Piper in his stunning Ferrari 275 P2.


The Ferrari 250LM of Juan Barazi.

Another Birdcage, this one of Alan Minshaw.


A very pretty little car, this is the Cooper Monaco of Mark Clubb.

The Lister Knobbly of Bob Gilbert.


Sir Stirling!

The Ferrari 250LM of Peter Hardman and Tim Samways.

And that was it, a quite fantastic field of cars,  if only we could see more historic races in amongst the modern stuff!


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