7th April 2002.


Sunday the 7th April saw the first HSCC meeting of the year, and what a bumper bundle it turned out to be!  There seemed to be more entrants this year, coupled with a larger public attendance and great weather (if a trifle windy) it made for a good day out.

Scrutineering; Martin Chisholm's Kieft Climax to the fore.

The Cooper T56 of Simon Armer.


The Gemini Formula Junior of Bill Grimshaw.

Chris Alford's Titan FFord.


The racing was just as good as ever,  close all the way down the field.

Special mention must be made of the Classic Racing Cars race, along with the Historic Formula Fords and Classic Saloons who really put on a good show. But it's unfair to actually single anyone out, as the racing was magic just about everywhere!


You don't see many of these out on the race track!

This is the Renault Dauphine Gordini of Arthur Smith-Fitchett, all 845cc of it!

The is the March 783 of Julian Baldwin.


Ian Montgomery in his Lotus 20/22 Formula Junior.

Formula Ford action.


The Elva BMW MkVIIS to be driven by John Monson.

Famous owner!


The MkII Jaguar of Graham Dodd.

The Brabham BT28 of Chris Ball.


Nick Crossley's March 73A.

The Mustang of Miles Townshend overtakes the Dauphine.


The Chevron B43 of Martyn Porter.

Ian Jones in the Lotus 59 ran out the winner in the Classic Racing Cars race.


The Triumph Spitfire of Barry Blakeley.



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