24th NOVEMBER 2001.


I nipped down to the Brooklands Museum on the 24th November, as the Museum was giving the Napier Railton its' last run before the winter really sets in. This is the car that holds the Brooklands Outer Circuit lap record in perpetuity. The Museum has looked after the car for quite a few years now, but only recently has it actually owned it, after a grant from the National Lottery Fund last year they now own a car that was a star of Brooklands before the Second World War. The car is normally run twice a year, in March and November, and can sometimes also be seen at events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The car has a custom built chassis, and for its' power unit features a 12 cylinder Lion aero engine, that displaces 24 litres, which when wound up, has 500 BHP on tap.

Make no mistake, this is a BIG car!

Pushing the car from where it's on display. As you can see, it takes at least five people to get the thing moving!

Changing the plugs.


Now, that's what I call a suspension!

The cockpit. For all its' size, it's a true single seater.


Yes, that IS me in the reflection of the mirror!

Fill her up! I wonder if the car was in this good condition when John Cobb was racing her?


Warming up the engine.

Apart from the dress, this could be 1937!


First run around the block!

Top speed on the runs was probably only 30mph, you could just HEAR the torque though!


I was surprised to see so many people at the Museum, maybe as many as 200.

Posing in front of the BP Petrol Pagoda.


Just a little sunshine before being put a way for the winter.

And that was it. It was very nice to see the old girl being actually driven for a change.


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