This could well be the last update before the car is finally finished. I can't quite believe it's taken so longer, just over three years so far. It's taken longer than it normally would have as I've been on a budget with this project, so it's been subjected to a number of 'stop' and 'starts' along the way. I must pay tribute to Jonathan Hall here, because if it wasn't for his understanding and expertise (and patience!), then I don't think we would be where we are right now!

For once, the end of October provided with nice weather, a few black clouds at one point, but then it was sunshine all the way during the two and a half hour drive from London. Jonathan's workshop is just on the England / Wales border, the quiet being disrupted by the odd RAF jet on training exercises!

Jonathan (left) and I sort out the seating position.

'Are you SURE these belts have to be this tight??'


'And second is just here, I think.'

Gary ; 'Are you sure I need this much steering lock?'


In this shot you can see some of the work Jonathan has done on the right rear suspension. Everything here is original, it's just been cleaned and re-plated. Jonathan has manufactured the stone guard for the oil tank top left, the oil tank inside is the one that came with the car.

A shot of the left rear suspension and the newly re-painted exhaust system fitted. The oil cooler still needs to be fitted above the gearbox (a la Lotus 49), and bracket made up to brace the end of the exhaust pipe. The rear light for running in the wet still has to be fitted too.


My new office! This was the first time I had seen the new dashboard and steering wheel (we've gone for a nice, simple Moto-Lita leather wheel). All the dials are original apart from the new rev counter.

This was also the first time I had sat in the car with the new seatbelts fitted. Nice and tight, too!


This preliminary seat fitting also served to see if I was OK with the pedals at the front of the car.

They seemed just right!

Thanks to Martin Waldron for taking the photgraphs.


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