While on my visit to the Nurburgring for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, I managed to find time to have a look around the museum there.  To be honest, I was a trifle disappointed with it. There are four buildings in all, only one of which actually houses any cars! The others seem to be taken over for race simulators etc.  Consequently, there were a lot less cars to take a look at than I thought there would be.  Here's a few of them.


One of the few 'modern' F1 cars in the museum, this is a 1987 Zakspeed.

A 1934 Mercedes W25.


Yes, this really is what it says it is! This is the trophy won by Juan Manuel Fangio at the 1957 German Grand Prix; some would say it was his greatest drive.

A 1966 F2 Brabham with BMW power. This car was listed as a Martini Brabham, which I found a tad confusing!!


Something a bit unusual here.......

.........this is a 1949 / 1950 Kondor Formula 3 car.


A racing BMW 635 csi.

Some of its' drivers.



Who can resist a Ferrari 250GTO. I know that if I owned one of these, it wouldn't be kept in a museum!!


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