Since I started this site I have been contacted by many people who tell me how much they enjoy it. Amongst those people are some lucky owners of race cars. Some of them have forwarded photos of their own cars. I thought I would start a gallery of some of them. 

Here's Murray Chalmer's Lola T200.

Murray bought this car as, literally, a basket case in August 2001. The car arrived in a crate two metres by three by seven! Having paid $4,000 for it, he found that the chassis was absolutely perfect, likewise the bodywork, but the car didn't have an engine or gearbox. He had bought the car from someone who was racing another T200, and when he had a mishap with the racecar, he cannibalised chassis 21 for spare parts. When the car arrived, ALL the suspension parts were bent, the rear uprights were broken and a new fuel tank was needed. New dashboard instruments were needed too.

The almost finished cockpit. As a purist, I'm afraid I question Murray's choice of steering wheel though!!

Awaiting the new suspension parts. You get a good idea of the superb paint job in the photo.

The paint work was done by a shop local to Murray in California, and came in at a third of the normal price!


First time out!

The nearside prior to new suspension parts being added.

This restoration is a real credit to Murray, who has done virtually all the work himself.

Well done!