I spotted this car on a trailer in Lower Sunbury, Middlesex just this afternoon. I've absolutely no idea what the car is, there's no identification on the radiator or anywhere. It's obviously been either raced or hill-climbed at some point as there is a number on its' sides.

It's left hand drive too, so obviously foreign to these shores.

Looking at it, I'm pretty sure that it's a 1920's model, but of what car??  Any ideas anyone?

UPDATE : 18th July

I have now been contacted by the owner of the car who tells me it is a 1917 Ford Model T Speedster. It has a number of period modifications including a Chevrolet Overhead Valve Head, which means that the top speed goes from around 45mph to an 'alleged' 70 or 80mph! 

He also tells me that the car is now for sale, so any potential buyers, please feel free to get in contact with me!

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