21ST JUNE 2003.


I had better explain. A friend of mine, Steve Collins, helps to organise his childrens' infants school fair every year. For the past two years he has gotten together some friends and asked them to bring their racing cars to this small Kentish village. This year he asked me to bring my Nike Formula Ford car. I was delighted to help out, after all, it would be a bit of fun too!  Of course, we had obstacles to get past, the local police for one, who weren't exactly overjoyed when they heard that we wanted to run 'actual' race cars on the Queen's Highway, something they don't give permission for very often at all!

We had a total of seven race cars turn up, five road going cars, plus my Nike plus a Lotus 61 that had been converted for hillclimb use.

Here's some pictures for you.

Here are the two single seaters lining up at the head of the parade. That's my Nike on the right with the Lotus 61 of Pete Bottrill behind.

Steve Collin's 1970 TVR Tuscan on the left and the Elva Courier on the right.


Ian Drew's 1961 Ford Classic -- he assures me it's the only one racing in the world!

Steve's TVR and the Fisher Fury.


In the 'paddock' (actually the school car park!), the Ford Classic, Lotus 61 and Nike mk 4/6.

TVR Tuscan and Fisher Fury cooling off.

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