This is the first in our series of historic motorsport videos.

I intend this to be an ongoing series of DVD's that encompass all aspects of historic racing.  In time, this could well include boats, motorbikes and aeroplanes as well.



This first volume runs for approx 55 minutes and includes items on :

the Lola T300 F5000 car,

an interview with amateur film-maker Freddie Barratt, which I've titled 'Rear View Mirror' (anyone who has purchased copies of David Weguelins' 'Motorfilms Quartely' videos will already have seen just how good Freddie's films are),

one of Freddie's films shot prior to the 1967 British Grand Prix, featuring footage of Fangio in the 1955 GP Mercedes, Moss and Jenks, Raymond Mays, Tony Brooks, Philippe Etancelin and many more,

and lastly a profile of Rodger Newman and his ex-Jochen Rindt Brabham BT18 Formula 2 car.


There's also a 'hidden extra' that you will get at the end of the video.

And all of this for just 14.99 !!

(plus 1.50 for postage & packing)


Gary Critcher and Lola T300 owner Geoff Thomas.


Rodger Newman and his BT18.


Two stills from some of Freddie Barratt's films:

Jim Clark


Graham Hill



Some stills from 'Rear View Mirror'.


The price for UK residents is 16.49 (inc. P&P),

I can take cash and cheque payments,

please send to (with cheques made payable to me, Gary Critcher) at the following address :

199 Green Lane, Shepperton, Middlesex, UK, TW17 8DY.

Please mark your envelope 'Volume 1',  thank you.


As you will see on the new page, volume 2 is now ready.

If you would like to order both volumes, the price is 32 including all postage and packing,

please send cheques to the above address.


I can also take payments through Paypal (

For overseas orders, please e-mail me for further details at .

I will be able to take credit card payments very soon.



Just to let you all know,

both this and volume 2 are now available in NTSC format,

meaning it is compatible with machines in

the U.S., Japan, Asia etc.

If you need any more info, please feel free to e-mail me at the above address.





Lastly,  just for a bit of fun, something you should never see on a TV programme.

This is the video tape 'clock' from the start of part 1 of 'Rear View Mirror'.

All TV programmes have a clock at the start of each part of the programme, it tells the engineers etc. at the TV station where and when the programme material is on the tape. It's normally a black background with a white clock on it.  On my ones I used a 'still' from Freddie's films, just for fun.

I thought you might like to see it.


The actual disc.

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