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The Art of Cor Anglais

Fourth Edition

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The Art of Cor Anglais by Geoffrey Browne is a book for the advanced study of the English Horn, stating the main problems of playing the instrument and offering solutions. The book aims to develop the students' own natural abilities by giving a thought-provoking commentary and background to thirty-five orchestral extracts, and with ideas on how the excerpts fit into the orchestra. There is an article on reeds, a method for circular breathing, a definition, and some history of the instrument. Also there is an article on performance technique and performance anxiety.

Designed for oboe players who want to extend their knowledge by playing English Horn, and for people who have difficulty in finding specialist teaching in this subject, it is also intended to be useful for composers and for conductors.

There is as much information about this little-documented subject as can be crammed into 64 pages by one of the world's most experienced players.

The Fourth edition is enlarged, revised, and re-organised. It covers the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Music in London, and contains most of the pieces requested for auditions.

Published in UK by Emerson Edition ISBN: 978-0-9543078-2-0, you can get it from :
June Emerson Wind Music UK and from Forrests Music CA USA, The McFarland Double Reed Shop GA USA -
Or in UK from Amazon UK , or from or Crowthers of Canterbury UK - Price GBP 16.95.