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Where does the Cor Anglais player sit in the orchestra?

location of cor anglais player

This is a map of the basic symphony orchestra. The English Horn player sits with the oboes, at the end of the line. The Piccolo player sits with the flutes, and the Contra player sits with his colleagues the bassoons, and immediately behind the Cor Anglais (English Horn) player.

These players of variant woodwinds are sometimes called "end of line principals" because they sit at the ends of the woodwind lines, and because the many solos they have to play make them principal players in the symphony orchestra. In some orchestras the English Horn player is recognised and listed as a soloist. The modern symphony orchestra normally has two oboes and one English Horn. Some compositions require larger forces. Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring requires five players: four oboes and one English Horn (actually two English Horns, because the fourth oboe player also plays English Horn).

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