Temple of the Loyal Vardulli



"To the Mothers, a vexillation of the first cohort of Vardulli under Publius Domitus V(ictor) (has erected) a temple with an altar in willing payment of a vow"
(next to milecastle 19 hadrians wall


"The First Loyal Cohort of Vardulli, Roman citizens, a thousand strong, part-mounted, and Gaius Quintius Severus, tribune of the same cohort, of the Camilian voting tribe from Ravenna, gladly, willingly and deservedly fulfilled their vow"
(from Jedburgh Abbey


At Castlecary : altar to Neptune by cohors I fida Vardullorum commanded by Trebius Verus, prefect [RIB 2149].


Inscription recording a vexillatio of Raetian spearman and the first cohort of Vardulli, found in the ruins of the abbey at Jedburgh
[RIB 2117-2118].


The Vardulli may also be responsible for an al;tar found at Gloster Hill (1/2 mile w of the small village of Amble on the River Coquet, Northumberland). The inscription is:
"To the goddesses of the parade-ground the first cohort..."
Lettering is third century.
*Campestres were originally Gallic goddesses and only worshipped by cavalrymen, not by infantry and were associated with the exercise ground or campus \par 26 miles from High Rochester [Bremenium]


"To the Genius of our lor d and of the standards of the first cohort of Vardulli and the Gordian unit of scouts from Bremenium, Egnatius Lucilianus, legate of the emperor, (set this up), under the charge of Cassius Sabinianus tribune."


Lucilianus was governer of Lower Britain c.238/41 [cil7.1030= rib 1262].


[RIB1128] from Corbridge as it may not refer to coh I Vardulli,otherwise the unit is notg atested at Corbridge.


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