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BigSmart is by far the best home business, internet opportunity for the average person to make a full-time income, working part-time with a computer from home.

Your BigSmart website will include a professional online business presentation that could make as much as 90% of         sales for you.

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This is an Internet business with
What's in it for you?
  • Fast pay out for sales of malls with VERY generous commissions! PLUS bonuses!
  • Residual income from sales of any products/services on your mall as well as those malls in your team! (WOW!)
  • Powerful and impressive website!
  • State of the Art, Multi-Media business presentation!
  • Easy, simple pay plan that ANYONE can achieve
  • No selling!  No stockholding!  No monthly qualifications or fees! No 'hoops to jump through' to earn your commission!
  • Freedom to work from home and earn a substantial income with your own e-commerce business
  • Complete 100% support from us
  • Ground floor opportunity - launched 1 Feb 2000
  • You'll be joining a company which is now the Fastest Growing Internet Company in the World! A new member joins BigSmart every 39 seconds!!!

Individuals from every background all over the world are currently earning many $1,000's per month from home within a very short time.  Thousands of people with no prior experience are also now earning $1,000's per week within their first 30 days, simply because they joined BigSmart and then went on and sold 2 malls. That's all we're required to do to qualify for commissions - FOR LIFE! It is as easy as that!

Do you think you know just 2 people who want to make extra money?

Just look at these figures below. They speak for themselves:

BigSmart.com is breaking records in business history!
Average Cheques for a person's FIRST MONTH in business $311.62 per week (unheard of before in history)
After only 21 days of operations $400,000.00 paid out in commission weekly (never done in any company before)
After only 35 days BigSmart is the FASTEST GROWING INTERNET COMPANY in the WORLD!!!
They are on target to be paying out over $1,000,000.00 Per week in commissions after only 60 days of operation.
That is just about as powerful as it gets !!!!!!

The average cheques for the FIRST MONTH are breaking industry records and the masses, not just the few, are earning with BigSmart. However, though these figures are impressive, there are also individuals earning five and six-figure incomes within their first month!! We're not saying this will happen to you in your first month, but if you join us today, we assure you that you will, with our support and a bit of effort on your behalf, be on your way to earning a significant income on the internet as well.

There will never be a better opportunity
for you to change your life! 


Join our Co-op TODAY to get off to a fast start!
We need you to succeed!
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We want YOUR success and give you 100% commitment!
In three steps you can have the most profitable
home business internet opportunity available,
for you to start receiving bonuses and commissions.

Step 1.
Visit the Website, view the online movie
and the shopping mall now at: http://www.smartshops.bigsmart.com/

Listen to the 15-minute presentation on: 001 415 273 3989

Step 2.
Register through this website by clicking on 'join now' and you will now be a member of our team.
Step 3.
E-mail us to let us know you have joined so we can offer you our full support. We can set up a definite time to speak over the phone, or if you prefer, we can correspond through e-mail, and I will begin to help you make a significant income as soon as possible.
If you have any questions which you need answered, please go to 'contact us' and we'll get back to you with the answers as soon as possible.
Alternatively, we are more than happy to speak to you in person so please by all means give us a ring and we'll be happy to answer your questions over the telephone.
Our telephone number is:
+44 (0) 7971 965 924
Disclaimer: We are only affiliated with BigSmart.com through OUR own        participation in their e-commerce program.

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