Pages last updated: October 13, 1999

What is Linguist?

A framework

Linguist is a framework and organizational tool for Java; a set of structured classes which assist the job of organizing applets, servlets or applications of any size.

A scripting tool

It's also a universal tool for creating scripting languages in English or any other European language, with the full power of Java immediately underneath.

A scripting language

Finally, it's a pre-built scripting language for multimedia and other applications/applets, which you can use either as an end-user tool or as a starting point for your own custom languages.


Inside Linguist


If you download Linguist (about 1.8MB), extract everything to an empty directory. All of the Linguist source, class and documentation files plus two demos will be found in the extracted set. The demo scripts can be seen by running Demo.html. When you come to create your own scripts, be sure to name the packages you want to use by editing and recompiling; the demos use only part of what is available.

Download Linguist (1.8MB)

You can also download a complete tutorial on the use of Linguist to create servlets. Everything you need is either provided or separately downloadable. The tutorial uses a practical example, that of keeping records for shop renting videotapes, and contains all scripts as well as pointing you at a freely downloadable Java web server and a Java SQL database.

Download Scripted Servlets Tutorial (1.12MB)

Linguist is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License, as published by the Free Software Foundation.

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