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   On the other hand, if you want to know a bit more about some of the rarer Wildhearts tracks, read on... I've listed many of the supposedly 'unobtainable' Wildhearts tracks, along with a description of each, provided by either myself or Dante Bonutto.

Dante says about the early tracks: "These were all recorded with producer Rick Browde - the guy who initially signed the band to the production deal he had at the time with Atco in New York. The line-up at this time was Sanke on vocals, Julian on bass, and CJ and Ginger on guitar. To be honest, these tracks were pretty formative, and only really hinted at the delights that were to come."

That's true to an extent, but there is some really good stuff in there...

The Violent Ones - Went on to become Crying Over Nothing

Kiss My Arse Before You Say Goodbye - A really good track that sadly got left behind.

Church Of The Broken Hearted - An early version of what apparently became a 'big ballad'.

Love U Til I Don't - Only the bridge and chorus are recognisable from the final version.

Please Baby Please - Ooh, no, dire, sir, quite dire.

Lorraine - ...And this is no peach.

Viva L'Amour - Here we have a nice piece of foreign lingo.

Wild Wine And Whiskey - I always think of wild strawberries (but that's my problem).

Unsociable Emotions - Impressive drumming from Pat (who, now he's in The Hormones, hits his drums too hard when they play live :o)).


Dante: "This was recorded at Parkgate Studios in Battle (Sussex - Owen) as part of the Mondo Akimbo A-Go-Go sessions. It's an acoustic number that you can just hear some of on the fade out of the vinyl version of the EP. As yet, there are no plans that I know of to release this, but it does I suppose contain the prophetic line: "I don't need record companies telling me how to think..."    

From what you can hear on the fade out, which isn't much, Truth sounds like it has a really big chorus - there are, like, lots of people singing it...

Church Of The Broken Hearted

Dante: "There was a demo done of this during the Snake era of the band (see above - Owen), and then it was re-recorded with different verses, and ginger singing of course, as part of the album sessions at Wessex Studios in London. The songs was never really completed, although I do remember some gospel-type backing vocals being added in the chorus. A really great ballad, which I am sure will see the light of day at some point."                                                                        

...But it hasn't yet!

Agent Good

Dante: "There is a backing track knocking around to this, and I have seen a complete set of vocals, but as yet the song has not been completed. Apparently, it's about someone, the Agent Good of the title, going around doing good deeds - a sort of mix of Superman and a boy scout!"                      Although the song's seemingly never been finished, I have got hold of some of the lyrics...

So I woke this day, and the dream that stayed

Was a brand new bill of rights

Where the ones that prayed for a just new way

Got to take up arms and fight

There were sexists hanging by their balls

A-swinging in the sun

So come on and see

That there's a...

The Song Formerly Known As

Could this be the same song that appeared as The Song Formally Known As on the Anthem single? Could it have mutated from being The Song Formerly Known As to being Funny Farm, and then almost reverting to the original again? Gah, who knows...

Dante says: "As far as I am aware, this was recorded at Battery Studios in Willesden as part of the session that produced I Wanna Go Where The People Go and Just In Lust. I am not sure if Ginger is actually on this track, as it might have been done while he was away."

...Which would seem to strengthen the possibility that this was an early incarnation of the Anthem B-side, as it was written mainly by Ritch.

The One Before The Lights Go Out

Dante: "This was recorded at Loco Studios in Wales with producer Ralph Jezzard - as you say, this was done at the same time as Skychaser High, Bad Time To Be Having A Bad Time and Beautiful Me, Beautiful You. So far, it has never been used, and there are no current plans that I know of."

...But I've got it and it's a right laugh! Think Don't Worry 'Bout Me, with a fuller backing sound and mock-male voice choir voices!

The appearance of a Japanese bootleg entitled "Shitty Fuckin' Stupid Tracks" has caused quite a stir among those who've heard it. And those who haven't. The CD features six unreleased studio tracks, recorded in '95 and '96, which were subsequently scrapped. And they shouldn't have been! Far better than the weak tracks added to Fishing For Luckies...

Abhoria - A four and a half minute epic. Utterly incredible.

Velvet Presley - "The bastard son of a plastic gun."

Stupid Things - You're not human if you can't relate to these lyrics.

(Tom) Take The Money - Apparently not written by Ginger - In Lilly's Garden crossed with Bad Time To Be Having A Bad Time.

State Of Nondependence - Coooooooooool verse line!

Ride The Wave (Of Fun) - Big, big chorus.

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