Riots in France

written November 8th 2005

The events in France are now dominating world news. At least 1,400 vehicles have been burnt out and 395 people arrested in France's latest rioting, while the unrest has apparently claimed its first fatality.

Jean-Jacques Le Chenadec, 61, who fell into a coma after being beaten by a hooded man last week, has died.

In Sunday night's violence - the worst so far - 36 policemen were injured, including two who were shot in Paris.

The mayor of Paris suburb Raincy has declared a curfew for Monday night, France's first in 11 days of unrest.

Looking again at the astrological chart set up for the French First Republic we can see

1) Jupiter had his exact return yesterday. (This occurs every 12 years).

2) The south lunar node right now is conjunct Venus in the republic chart. (This occurs every 18 years)

3) The Solar eclipse on October 4th was conjunct (within 2 degrees) the same Venus position.

4) The Lunar eclipse 3 weeks ago formed a finger of fate with the republic charts Mars in Scorpio sextile Lunar North Node in Virgo. (Points 3 and 4 make this a unique situation).

5) On the afternoon of 26th October 2005, the day before the first night of rioting, Mercury was conjunct the Mars/ MC conjunction in Scorpio in the republic chart. On the first night of the rioting the Moon was conjunct the Mercury/North Node conjunction in the republic chart. These contacts appear to have coincided with the ignition of the current turmoil.

6) In the long run it is interesting to see that the progressed Moon in the French 1st republic chart hit 'gibbous phase' earlier this year. France will experience a progressed Full Moon in 2009 which may be the 'high water mark' of the current situation.

Hard hitting storms December 1999

Here the Chart for the France (First republic). On the outer wheel are the transits for 28th December 1999. France was hit hard by storms at this time knocking out 25% of the electrical Grid. Notice transiting Mars squaring natal Mars (and transiting Venus). Notice the current Saturn, Pluto tight 150 degree aspect hitting the French natal Venus. Also note transiting Jupiter 150 degree to French Natal Mars.

Tight aspects here.