Quaker Women

Jone Brooksop: An Invitation of Love. . . (1661)

"And as we abide faithful unto the Lord, we know that we shall all sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, where none shall make us afraid, though ten thousands rise up against us, yet shall we not fear what man can do unto us; for our God is on our side, Who then can be against us? who works all our Works in us and for us continually; who never ceases to administer daily, refreshment unto his own Seed in us; . . ."

Katherine Evans & Sarah Cheevers: A True Account. . . (1662)
Katherine Evans, imprisoned by the Inquisition in Malta for three years, had a vision in which she rescued a child who was herself:

"It had no clothes on but a little fine linen about the upper parts. . .The fire did flame on every side of it, yet the child did play and was merry: I would have took it up, for fear it should have been burnt. . . and then [Christ] bade me take up the child, and it had no harm. . .And then I did awake, and I called to my friend Sarah, and bid her she should not fear. . .and as we do believe, who can harm us.. . ."
from Phyllis Mack, Visionary Women

Dorcas Dole: A Salutation of my Endeared Love to the Faithful in All Places (17th, 12th month, 1684)

"The Blessing of the Lord is with you that have given up your all to the Lord as an acceptable Sacrifice. . .then in the sence of what he hath done for you, you will be willing to endure whatsoever the Lord permits to come upon you for the tryall of your Faith, Knowing that the tryall of it is more precious then Gold that perisheth; and therefore have we great cause to count it all Joy, that he hath counted us worthy to suffer for his name; for it is those that have fellowhip with the Death and Sufferings of our Lord Jesus that come through the great Tribulations, and are found worthy to walk with him in shite, such have Right to eat of the Tree of Life. . .and though thou are very few in number, and least among the Nations, and dare not medle with Carnal Weapons, yet Great will the Holy one of Israel be in the midst of thee when he marcheth through the Nations to plead with the Heathern round about for thy sake; and the Spiritual Battel is already begun in the Nations,:"

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