Quaker Women

Dorcas Dole: Once more a Warning. . . (1684)

". . .for no other cause but for meeting together in the Name of Jesus, to worship the Father and the Son in the Spirit and in the Truth; and for no other cause are we put into Prison, and for the same cause are we still sufferers in Prison, for several times was I pulled out of the Meeting while I was a Prisoner at Bridewel, and kept from the rest of my Friends till the Meeting was done, for no other cause, but being at Prayer to the Living God, . . .and [the Sheriffs] gone from Prison to Prison, to disturb us in our Spiritual Worship in the Prison, and gave the Keepers Orders, That we should not be suffered to come together to Preach and Pray: And according to their Orders were we Lockt asunder, But blessed be the Name of the Lord, our Teacher cannot be removed into a Corner, and therefore they cannot seperate us from his Presence, which is life to our Souls; if they ut us one by one into a stinking Dungeon, there will our God hear our Prayers, and send the Angel of his Presence down amongst us, to sweeten our Souls with the Oyntment of his love,. . ."

Ann Gardiner: A Brief Relation of the Life & Death of Elizabeth Braythwite. . . (1684)

". . .After she had been some time in Prison, the Keeper gave her leave to go home to her Brothers house (whose Hose-keeper she was) for a few day; But had stayed but about two days till she was sent to prison, by reason as it was said complaint was made against the Keeper for giving Friends [torn page] too much liberty [torn page] heard that she was sent for again, she could not be satisfied till she was returned to Prison; so, said she, that is my place and my present home, there Have I most peace and content, At that time again her Neighbours were very impertinent to pay for her, she charged, as they had any love or respoect for her, not to do it; for if one penny will do it, it shall never be done with my consent, said she, thus stedfast and constant was she in her Testimony to the Truth unto the end, regarding the Peace of her Conscience more then the Liberty of her Body . . ." [she died in prison eleven days later at the age of 17 years]

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