Quaker Women

Dorothy White; An Epistle of Love, and of Consolation unto Israel (1661)

"The dissolving power of the Lord God, is dissolving hell and death; . . .and this is the birth which is brought forth through the travail, through death,. . .for the bridegroom is come, the virgins have met him, and the damosels dance at the glory of his brightness, . . . for the ravishing glory of God did overshadow me. . .And in the deep his voice is very sweet, unto the hungry is bread, both life and meat. . .and unto my beloved, unto thee, I sweetly sing, as the turtle in the time of spring; who for joy that she hath foud her mate, what from thy love shall me separate? My soul doth swim within the sea of love, as doth the fishes in the water move." (quoted from Phyllis Mack; Visionary Women: Ecstatic Prophecy in the 17th Century)

Jone Brooksop: An Invitation of Love unto the Seed of God. . . (1662)

". . .For the Lord God of Life is risen, and arising to plead with all the Inhabitants of the Earth, and they shall be as stubble before him; for our God is a terrible Good unto the wicked, for all the proud, and all that do wickedly, shall be as stubble before Him with whom we have to do. For assuredly, a Day of Account must come upon all flesh, to try them withal; and every man's work that will no abide the fire, must be burnt up, of what sort soever it shall be: For there is not a deed done in the Body, but an account must be given for it, whether it be good, or whether it be evil: the mouth of the Lord of Hosts hath spken it: Who will perform all his Promises made unto his own Seed. All praises be given unto him who made all things by the word of his Power, and Man to Serve him. And now is his everlasting Trumpet sounding unto all Nations, that whosoever will come and drink of the Rivers of Life freely, may come and buy Wine and Milk without Money and without price. And let every one that is a thirst come, and whosoever will, let him come, and take of the Water of Life freely:..."

Dorcas Dole: Once more a Warning to Thee O England But more perticularly to the Inhabitants of the City of Bristol (1684)

". . .And thee O City of Bristol in perticuler; for thy inhabitants have greatly provoked the Lord against them, and without they do speedily return unto the Lord with true and unfeigned Repentance, the Wrath of God will break forth upon thee, and there shall be none able to deliver thee from the Stroak of his Hand, of what he hath decreed to bring upon thee;. . .for some of thy Iinhabitants have commiteed no less Evil then Great Rebellion against the God of Heaven, in that they have not only rejected, but also desised the Appearance of Christ in themselves and others, who is come and comeing to Overturn, Overturn and Overturn, till he come whose right it is to take unto himself his great Power, and Reign in every Conscience. . .

". . .O therefore Fear and Tremble before the Great God of Heaven and Earth, whose Almight power is able to dash you in pieces like a Potters Vessel, and to cast you as Dung upon the Face of the Earth, and give your Flesh to the Fouls of the Air; for asuredly the God of Daniel, and of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego is our God, and his Arm is not at all shortned, that it cannot Save;. . .but he will asuredly hear the Cry of the Oppressed and will deliver us in his own appointed time, as he did Israel of Old;. . ."


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