Quaker Women

Ann Docwra: Spiritual Community, vindicated amongst people of different perswasions in some things.

"All those that place the Bond of their community in the Universal Light, . . . ,which is an inward principle of the Divine Life, whereby all good people governs their Actions; they have a witness in every mans Conscience, that witness for God that their hearts are right towards him; . . . This Divine Principle is sufficient to preserve a Nation, or People in Peace, if men would regard it: this is an Infallible guide, all things have failed and will fail, the several forms and orders of Religious people breaks not the community of a Nation or People in publick concerns; if they be governed by this Divine Principle, not placing their Bond of their Community in such Forms and Ceremonies as are the prescriptions of men, to the damage of others by imposing them; all outward Impositions of Divine Worship towards God, were under the first Covenant (to the Jews only) and made not the comers thereunto perfect as pertaining to Conscience."



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