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Judith Boulbie: A Testimony for Truth against all Observers of Times and Dayes (n.d.)

"O Ye that live in Pleasures and Vanities, and spend your precious time in sin and Transgression, as Carding and Dicing, Drunkening and Feasting, in pretence of keeping Christs-Day: O my Friends consider where you are, and what you are a doing. Are you indeed come to Christs-day? or are you not rather in the Night, wherein gross Darkness surrounds you about? You are making provision for the flesh to satisfie the Lusts thereof: O starved soul, lean, dry and barren!. . .Alas my Friends ! to what purpose is your Feastings, to what purpose is your Observations of Dayes and Times, so long as the Babe lieth in the Manger, and the Seed of Life is unredeemed to God? Ah Friends, If ever you would be Witnesses of Christs Day, and of his Glory, which he is now revealing, you must all come to the Light,. . .Now Friends , if the Day star were risen in you, there would be no need of observing Dayes and Times, there would be no keeping a day in Twelve Moneths, but every day would be a holy Day, so that Gods Glory would fill his Temple:. . .and the Mystery which hath been hid from Ages and Generations, comes to be revealed, even by him who was found worthy to open the Book which was sealed with Seven Seals, Reve.5.5, who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, whose Everlasting Day is dawned, and his Glory is risen;. . ."

An editted text of Judith Boulbie's A Testimony for Truth against all Hireling-Priests and Deceivers can be found at

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