Quaker Women

During the late 17th century a group of sixty ministers travelled extensively around Britain and the American colonies. Among them were a number of women who included:

Ann Audland, Wife of Shopkeeper from Preston Patrick;
Dorothy Benson, Wife of Yeoman from Sedbergh;
Anne Blaykling, Sister of Yeoman from Draw-well;
Mabel Camm, Wife of Yeoman from Preston Patrick;
Margaret Fell, Gentlewoman from Swathmoor Hall;
Mary Fisher, Servant from Selby;
Elizabeth Fletcher, Gentlewoman from Kendal;
Elizabeth Hooton, Wife of Yeoman from Skegsby;
Mary Howgill, Sister of Tailor from Grayrigg;
Elizabeth Leavens of "Lower ranke" .home town unknown;
Dorothy Waugh, Servant at Camsgill in Preston Patrick;
Jane Waugh, Servant at Camsgill in Preston Patrick.


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