Quaker Women

A Warning to all Friends (10.ii.1679)

. . .for many months, yea some years, hath my spirit ben bowed down and groaned under the sense of an easefl, selfish Lukewarm Spirit, that hath crept in upon many for want of watchfullnesse, and keeping to the Dayly Cross of Christ Jesus, and in the Narrow way, and Savoury Life, that only will bring honour and praise to the Name of the Lord. And how to be eased of these weights and burdens I did not know, my cry was to the Lord that he would give me wisdome, and strength to do his will.

. . . for in the world is many Incumbrances and Intanglement, some on one hand, and some on another to draw the mind from God, (and but one to draw it to him), so there is great need of holy zeal and diligence, in observing the time to wait upon the Lord to feel your strength renewed; to help through the many things and his power to strengthen and support, that in your families and all your undertakings you may be a Good favour to the Lord, being guided by his wisdome to rule and order your Children and Servants, and he will give Authority to stand over every thing thats contrary to his witness, . . . And in feare of the Lord I warn and Exhort all parents not to winke or connive at any sin in your children, as you tender their Everlasting well being, let no sin go on reproved or corrected, but taxe the wise mans counsel who saith: Folly is bound up in the heart of a Child but the rod of Correction must drive it out, and he that corrects his Child shall deliver his Soul from Death.

So all be faithful in your several places and the exercises you may be under, that you may grow in grace and in the feare and wisdome of God, let not your eyes look out at others, but mind your own conditions for if you do it will Spye many faults in others, and may be over look more at home, . . .
- Mary Waite
A fuller version of this text is at http://chaucer.library.emory.edu/wwrp/quaker_web/quaker_text2.html

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