Quaker Women

The Poor Widows Mite, Cast into the Lord's Treasurey; wherein are contained some reasons in the Justification of the Meetings of the People of God called Quakers. . . (1671)

No Prologue, Preface, Frontispice,
nor no Espistle have,
To Usher in this little Mite,
that long hath lain in Grave.
But now a Resurrection hath,
and from the Grave is come,
And in the Holy City walks, though before deaf and dumbe.
Nor did it see at all, for that, in's very birth 'twas blind,
Nor taste the goodness of his God, nor could him feel or find.
Now Praises, praises unto him, that quickned hath dry Bones,
By breathing makes the fences live, to Abraham's Seed of Stones.
This is the might Power of God, on us that blind were born,
His giving forth his Light, his Crhist, his Everlasting Horn.
His Gospel, Grace and Righteousness, his Joy, his Peace, his Strenth.
His might Arm Salvation brings, unto us now at length.
With Wisdom, Truth and Holiness, which is to Sanctifie,
And cleanse ths little New-born Babe, which long in sin did lye.
This is the true Emanuael,that doth his People save,
From all the sins that they have done, that kept their Souls in Grave.
This is the Spirit that quickens us, this is the time of Love,
When in our Blood, we wallowing were, Oh then! What did thee move?
Our Father could not, seeing he, by birth an Am'rite was,
Nort Mother either, 'cause that she, came of the Hittits Race....

In Us the Time is come to pass, last dayes pro-phe-si-ed,
That the Mountain of the Lords House should be stablished;
And on the Top exalted is, above the barren Hills,
And many People to us flow, thos God his House now fills.
It is the House of Jacobs God, tis he o're it doth Raign.
Here he doth teach us his own way, the Pathes that we should walk.
From out of Sion flowes that law whereof we joy to talk,
This is the Word which God, the Lord, sends from Jerusalem,
That doth among the Nations Judge, rebuking much of them.
So that they have their Swords now beet into Plow-shares we see,
and their spears into Pruning-Hooks, this LOVE makes all agree.
So Nation doth not lift up Sword, for Esau doth embrace
His Brother Jacob in his Armes, this makes War cease. Tis Graace,
So we with Isay bid you come, to this house with accord,
Desiring you to walk with us, in the Light of the Lord.. . .

Something about SPEAKING, Who is to Speak, or What to be spoken?

But some may say, you many times sit silent we do see,
And there is no speaking at all, with us this don't agree.

My Answer is, I fany have Gods Oracle we'll hear,
For this is it expells all Mists, and makes the Air clear.
For this doth first the Vessel cleanse from whence it doth proceed,
That first believes and therefore speaks, to this er're all agreed.
Faiths work is first to cleanse the heart from all hypocrisies,
Than may it help for to pluck out, Motes from their Brothers eyes.
For how the unconverted shall at all strengthen his Brother,
For then they do condemn themselves, by teaching of another.
How shall the Thief at all exhort another not to steal,
Or the disea'd Physician tell others he will them heal?
Or how can any teach the Law, who yet the Law do break,
Such Teachers make Gods Name blasphemd when they presume to speak.
Or how blind Guides can lead the way in which others should go
Or any fire out of the pit, themselves in which others should go.. . .

And if the Holy Ghost could not for money then be bought,
And Simon Magus was condemn'd for having such a thought,
What is the Ghost that is in me, that money out do reach,
And what is that which it receives with condition to preach?
It seemeth then that they have not of God this self-same Gift,
Sith that they can contain themselves, till we for mone shift
For them, their lips can knowledge keep, the's none that they will cherish,
For if People no money have, they all are like to perish;
For freely they receiv'd have not, the Gospel they do preach.
And therefore freely can't it give, so for rewards do Teach.. . .

Whereas those that do dwell in God, and He dwelleth in them,
The Prophets and Apostels know, yea Davids Root and Stem.
Be'ing in the Path they walkt, do see, their foot-steps every one,
And know their Light and Lanthorn to, which unto them hath shewn.
And threfore can in truth repeat, what they to all do tell,
That God also their Souls hath brought from the dark pit of Hell.
This Spirit it may Preach and Teach, Gods wonders maniforld,
The which can speak Gods Word in truth, being right, a Lyin bold.
Here you may see we do not quench Gods Spirit he affords,
That in the least measure doth speak, rejoyce we at those words.

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