Quaker Women

[after she moves to America]

.../While we were in Boston I one Day went into the Quaker Meeting not Expecting to find what I wanted, but out of Curiosity. At this Meeting there was a Woman friend spoke, at which I was a Little surprised, for tho' I had heard of Women's preaching I had never heard one before. I looked on her with Pity for her Ignoance (as I thought) & Contempt of her Practise, saying to my self, "I am sure you are a fool, for if ever I should turn Quaker, which will never be, I would not be a preacher." -- In these and such like thoughts, I sat while She was Speaking; after she had done there Stood up a man, which I could better Bear. He spoke well & I thought raised sound Doctrine from good Joshua's resolution (viz) "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord," & C. After he had sat silent a while he went to prayer, which was something so awful & Affecting as drew tears from my Eyes yet a Stranger to the Cause.

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