Quaker Women

[in which she considers suicide]

":...he sent for the Town Whipper to Correct me: I then said if there be a God, be graciously Pleased to Look down on one of the most unhappy Creatures & plead my Cause for thou knows what I have said is the truth;... He then took a turn over the Room & bid the Whipper go about his business, and I came off without a blow, which I thought something Remarkable, but now I began to think my Credit was gone (for they said many things of which I blessed God were not True) & here I suffer so much Cruelty I cannot bear it.

"The Enemy Immediately Came in & put me in a way how to be rid of it all & tempted me to End my Miserable Life: I joyn'd with it & for that Purpose went into the garret to hang my Self. Now it was I was convinced there was a God, for as my feet Entered the lace Horrour seized to that degree, I trembled much, and as I stood like one in Amaze, it seemed as tho' I heard a Voice say, "there is a Hell beyond the grave;" at which I was greatly astonished, & now Convinced that there was an almighty Power, to whom I then Prayed, saying. "God be merciful & Enable me to bear what thou in thy Providence shall bring or Suffer to Come upon me for my Disobedience.: I then went Down a know what I had been about."

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