Welcome to the 'Laughing Devil' a totally unofficial Terry Hall website which has been online since 30th August 1998.


The main part of this site is a great biography by David Harley especially written for this site.It covers all of Terrys career but concentrates more on his post Specials output.

There's also some great live pictures of Terry taken by Mike Roberts at various gigs over the years at 'Caught live'

If you have any comments or suggestions for the site or you discover a dodgy link please e-mail me.

You can buy Terry Hall singles,albums,c.d's etc covering the whole of his career at PLRMADMAIL.They also sell Madness,Pulp and the Lightning Seeds related items.

I've just started(21/03/99) a 'Laughing Devil' mail list.The purpose of which is to provide a place for Terry fans to discuss Terry and related matters,such as news ,reviews,gigs,tv and magazine appearences.Or if you want to sell or require a Terry related item you could do so via the list.You can subscribe using the box below.


UPDATE:05/05/99:Just gone online is a new series of pages made up of music paper cuttings and reviews from over the years covering all phases of Terrys career.Links appear at the bottom of the page.(Thanks to David Harley for the cuttings)




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