Koyser's GTA Bruvvahood

Rudest Brotherhood on da internet!


Yo homeboy. Koyser in da hood. If ya rude ya got ma respect. Maximum Riff Raff! If ya not over 18 enter at ya own risk. A wont take responsibility if ya kill ya self because of the rudeness of ma hood!  


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Yo bruvva! Ya made it to the rudest, most controversial, most radical, most informative site on da internet superhighway. Well maybe the last reason was a load of crap but the rest are true. There are big rude homeys inside waitin' to give ya a bit of respect, but maybe they're to rude for ya? Make your decision, and if it's the wrong one it could be ya last!

Enter Da Hood

Come in an' join the bruvvas in da rudest hood on da internet! Only for Bruvvas or those prepared to be exposed to high degrees of rudeness radiation!

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If da bruvvas scare with there rudeness go to a mushroom farm or sumin! An don't come back here cause I'll send a bruvva after ya next time!