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CAT (SW) stands for Centre for Autogenic Training (South West).

AUTOGENIC TRAINING (or AUTOGENICS) consists of a series of simple mental exercises which are easily learned and which link mind and body and can produce deep relaxation. The primitive “fight and flight” mechanism of the brain stem can be switched off, producing a state of calm.

AUTOGENIC TRAINING (or AT) must be taught by skilled, qualified trainers, but once learned it is a skill for life which can produce homeostasis or balance in the human organism, maintaining a state of health and coping with the effects of excessive stress, whether in mind or body.

This Centre has two trainers and covers the area of South Devon. There are other trainers in North Devon and Cornwall. If details of trainers in other locations are required, such information can be obtained from us.

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The British Association for Autogenic Training & Therapy (Registered Charity No. 326750)


BAFATT c/o Royal London Homeopathic Hospital NHS Trust Great Ormond Street LONDON WC1N 3HR England (Please enclose stamped addressed envelope for folded A4 size paper)

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