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INBUREX is an independent technical safety consultancy providing unbiased assessment of fire, explosion and chemical reaction hazards to the process and allied industry.


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The assessment of fire and explosion hazards is a pre-requisite not only to safeguarding human life (of both the workforce and members of the public) but also to sustaining commercial interests. Unforeseen INCIDENTS can lead to:

Loss of market share and business interruption

Fines for breach of legislation

Claims for environmental damage

Increased insurance premiums

Lost production (down-time)

Loss of customer confidence

Harm to corporate image


Chemical and operational hazard assessments focus on evaluating and eliminating (or minimising) specific areas of risk - the aim of a HAZARD ASSESSMENT is to achieve a level of safety, which is acceptable to the client, in a manner that is compatible with the engineering, production and financial needs of the business.