Hecate Enthroned

Upon Promeathean Shores - re release The Slaughter of Innocence Dark RequiemsKings of Chaos - 1999

During mid-1993, DAEMONUM, a five piece death/black metal band formed with Jon on bass and vocals, Nigel and Marc on guitars. After a year of writing and playing across the North West of England, Jon decided to take up an offer to join CRADLE OF FILTH in June 1994. Daemonum continued to write and play with a new bass player and vocalist, recording their first demo during Jan. of 95', which showed a definite reflection of the bands dark direction, and of things to come.

In the spring of 1995, a new drummer joined and work began on the next demo, HECATE ENTHRONED now being fully formed by Jon to take over the vocals, and the band finishing work on new written material. After a couple of successful shows in London, the band entered The Academy Studios to record the demo 'An Ode For A Haunted Wood', leading to the band receiving a recording contract from Blackend/PHD which they accepted.

The band returned to The Academy Studios to remix 'An Ode For A Haunted Wood' which became 'Upon Promeathean Shores (Unscriptured Waters)' and was their first release for the Blackend label in June of 96'. Prior to this release, the drummer, keyboard and bass player's were replaced with Michael- keyboards, and Paul- bass. Newer more progressive material unfolded, and was solidified by Robert replacing Craig on drums in Oct. of 96'.

The band then concentrated on writing with more intensity and emotion before finally entering the studio in Jan. of 97' to record their full length offering titled 'The Slaughter Of Innocence. A Requiem For The Mighty' produced by Andy Sneap (Stuck Mojo, Skinlab) which would be released on April 28th of 97' to coincide with WALPURGISNACHT.

After the release of 'Slaughter...' the band undertook various live performances In Europe. And then in Feb./Mar. of 98' returned to Wales to record yet another full length ritual eutitled 'Dark Requiems, And Unsilent Massacre'. Recorded at The Windings studios North Wales, under the guidance of Pete (Pee Wee) Colemao.

Since then the band are set to re-rceord 'The Danse Macabre' and a mystery track as bonus tracks for the digipak version of 'Dark Requiems...'

Finally, with a new line-up change due to tbe departure of Paul (bass) and Marc (guitars) who were replaced by the previously prepositioned Dylan (bass), Mike (keyboards) and Rob (drums) all of who feature on 'Dark Requiems'.

In the beginning of 1999, some major line-up changes took place.  Jon, the original vocalist and Michael (keyboards) both left the band. Jon was replaced by Dean, and Michael was replaced by Daz.

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