Morgan Håkansson of Marduk

To get started you can give me the history of Marduk. When did you start?

Marduk was formed in september 1990 by me, Morgan. When my previous band Abhor had just split up. I searched for a few people and found some, which I thought were suitable personalities and musicians to cooperate with to achieve my ambitions. But with the passage of time i came to realize that these people were not what they imagined they were. It is because of this there have been so many line-up changes until now.

What is your current line-up?

Back to the line-up again. Now in september 1994 the line-up is and hopefully remains as this: Morgan H
åkansson - guitar, B. War - Bass, Joakim af Grauf - vocal and Fredrik Andersson - drums/percussion.

Your debut album "Dark Endless" was released on No Fashion Records. Where you affected by the financial problems they were, and still are facing?

Yes, we were very much affected by that because we still have not recieved the money we were supposed to recieve. He owes us about 40.000 SKR (5-6000 USD). But this problem is nothing compared to the way he will be "affected" when we find him. He has been thrown out of his appartment and his phone has been cut for a time now, so we really don`t have a clue of where to find him.

Why did you leave NFR?

I guess the answer above explains this, and additionally we also got a very good offer from Osmose.

Your second album "Those Of The Unlight" has been uut for some time now. Are you satisfied with the way it turned out?

Considering the music on the album we are still satisfied with most songs, and it still kicks the shit out of most of the stuff that has been released after it. About the cover, we are very satisfied with the paintingfor the album, some idiot fucked up the colour of the logotype and the eyes of the splendid dark horsemen of death. Instead of thr intended red colour it became nearly pink, and that is very irritating I can tell you. Otherwise we are very satisfied with the album. One more thing, unfortunaly the LP version became fucked up because of problems with prop-outs. Surprisingly they got the cover-colours right.

Are you satisfied with Osmose?

With the exeption of the problems mentioned above, we are very satisfied. Osmose has been very efficient in their work but things can always improve and I hope that all problems will be solved until the next record.

How many copies of "Dark Endless" and "Those Of..." have been sold?

"Dark Endless" has sold around 6000 copies or anyway that is what I have heard so far. "Those Of The Unlight" has sold about 7000 CDs and a few thousands on licence printed cassettes in countries like Poland etc.

I must say that some parts of "Those Of..." are really dark and cold. Where do you get the ideas and inspiration from when you make these masterpieces?

"Masterpieces" is the right word to describe the genious work of my mind, and I can tell you one thing, all my work is creations of my dark subconscious and memories of my past lives. I am more or less possessed by a certain man who no longer walks among us with earthly feet nor treads the paths of the dark foggy forests at night. His voice was and still is unmatched, and it used to freeze the blood of mortals to ice in their veins. I am talking about the man (goat) whose writings mostly dealt with transilvanian legends, satanic covens that met each hundred years for sacrifices and dark castles in the carpathians. His existens has poisoned my mind.

How would you describe Marduk`s music?

Illfull brutality combined with the great black arts. In better words - Black fucking Metal.

I have heard that you are planing a tour with Immortal. Is that right? If so, where and when?

The "Sons of Nothern Darkness" tour has already been completed. Seventeen dates with Marduk and Immortal. The Nothern Darkness passed through the coldest nights and holocaust swept through countries as Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Denmark. The most satisfying parts of the tour were old East-Germany territory and some parts of Holland. By the way, as it seems at this point of time, we will once again tour with Immortal through the european countries and hopefully this time we will also reach the nothern territories.

How is the scene in Sweden? Any bands worth mentioned?

No. As far as I know of, Sweden only has these bands: Abruptum, Marduk, Ophtalamia, Dark Funeral and Dissection. No new bands of quality on the rise.

What do you think about all the attention around Black Metal the past year? Is it good or bad?

I do not care that much about all the writings in the press. Therefore I can`t say if it`s good or bad. I simply do not give a fuck.

Future plans/releases:

Time draws nearer to the day of the beginning of the recording of our third album. It will be entitled "Opus Nocturne" and the album will be dedicated to the night and its beings. The album will probably reach you in late november or december.

The last words are yours!

Await the arrival of "Opus Nocturne".