6.2.2. Advise the Council where, in their view, there is a need for such action by the Council;
            6.2.3. Prepare and revise as necessary, a departmental Health and Safety Policy;
            6.2.4. Delegate responsibilities to other officers within their department, where considered
            6.2.5. Set out the organisation within their own department through which the policy will be implemented and having regard to workplaces within the control of the department where persons not employed by the Council may be affected by the conduct of Council employees or undertakings in the particular workplaces
            6.2.6. Ensure that all decisions of the Council in relation to the discharge of their duties under the Act in so far as these relate to employees, or workplaces within the control of their department or persons not in the employment of the Council who may be affected by the conduct of the undertaking of the department are fully implemented,
            6.2.7. Ensure the implementation and maintenance of health and safety management systems within departments which will provide for the assessment of risk and the effective planning, organisation, control monitoring and review of the preventative and protective measures necessary to control the risks;
            6.2.8. Ensure that adequate resources are made available to enable the department policy to be implemented;
            6.2.9. Prepare such reports as are necessary to evaluate the health and safety performance of their department.

Personnel Services Manager
6.3. The Personnel Services Manager has been nominated by the Chief Executive to administer the Council Health and Safety policy.

Health and Safety Assistance
6.4. The Council will be advised on health and safety matters by the Council Safety Adviser, who will be the competent person within the meaning of Regulation 6 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992. The Safety Advisor will be responsible to the Personnel Services Manager.

6.5. All employees will be expected to co-operate in the implementation of the Council's Safety
Policy by:
            6.5.1. Acting in the course of their employment with due care for their own safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work;
            6.5.2 Co-operating, so far as is necessary, to enable the Council to perform any duty or to comply with any requirements, as a result of any Health and Safety legislation which may be in force;
            6.5.3. Using correctly all work items provided by the Council in accordance with the training and instruction they receive to enable them to use the items safely;
            6.5.4. By reporting any injury or disease contracted to their immediate supervisor to allow the incident to be recorded;
            6.5.5. Bringing to the attention of their immediate supervisor any short comings they observe or become aware of in the Council's health and safety arrangements.

Part 3
Arrangements for Implementation
The undernoted arrangements should be incorporated into departmental safety policies.

Safety Culture
7.      The Council will ensure that health and safety is an integral part of the overall management culture and seek to develop a positive attitude among staff.

8.     Planning for Health and Safety involves setting objectives, identifying hazards, assessing risks and influencing standards of performance. Key objectives and developments should be managed through structured health and safety planning with in built review mechanisms and realistic timescales for accomplishment.

9.     The effectiveness of the Councils Safety Policy and performance will be monitored in the
following way:
            9.1. Accident Analysis with a view to determining and eliminating their cause.
            9.2. Legal compliance by way of regular and systematic inspections by management and by formal audits carried out by the Council Safety Advisor in accordance with the Council Health and Safety Audit programme.

Risk Management
10.     The Council will pursue progressive improvements in health and safety by the implementation of a risk management strategy. Risk assessments will be carried out to identify potential hazards, evaluate the risk from these and implement appropriate control measures where the risk cannot be eliminated. Nominated departmental personnel will be trained and supported in the Council risk assessment system which will be supported by the Council Safety Adviser.

Emergency Procedures
11.     Appropriate procedures will be drawn up by departments supported by the Council Safety
Adviser to deal with situations presenting serious and imminent danger. Individual roles and
responsibilities will be identified and, where appropriate, they will contain special actions required for disabled persons.