The Working Environment
The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 - 'the Workplace Regs' - lay down minimum standards for most types of workplaces including hospitals and schools, leisure complexes, catering areas and offices but not transport, construction sites and domestic premises, covered by other legislation. The Regs also apply in a limited way to temporary worksites and to outdoors, agricultural and forestry work.

'Workplace'  means any non-domestic premises or part of premises made available to any person as a place of work. It includes any place within the premises to which a person has access while at work, and means of access to or egress from the premises other than a public road. Workplaces must be suitable for all who work in them, including disabled workers.
Premises' means any place, including an outdoor place.

The Regulations place certain minimum requirements on employers with regard to the physical characteristics of any workplace. These requirements are listed below. Just click on the title you want for further information.



Repetitive Strain Injuries


Display Screen Equipment


Photocopiers and Laser Printers