MONDAY                     Bingo Night. As it's the first Monday of the month, the
                                District Nurse will be here - so bring the kids

TUESDAY                       7 - 11 pm. All drinks 1.*
                                                 * offer does not apply to alcoholic beverages.

WEDNESDAY               Over 50's night.
                                  Please note: Following last week's unfortunate
                                  incident , there will be no strobe lights at this event.

THURSDAY                    Sssshhhhhh. It's a Secret! Cock Fighting.
                                   Sorry, Regulars only.

FRIDAY                            'AMNESTY'.
                                   That's the name of the band that's playing.
                                   Persons barred from the premises remain so
That means you Deke Campbell ! 

SATURDAY                      D.J.Russell returns after his short absence at
                                    Her Majesty's pleasure.

SUNDAY                             Singles Night.
                                     And not Singlets Night as advertised last week.
                                     Apologies  again to all who turned up in their