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File System Support

The file systems supported by Windows 95 depend on the version that you are running. All versions support FAT16 however, not all support FAT32. The easiest way to check whether your version of Windows 95 supports FAT32 is to check the Version Number. Then compare it with the table below.

Version Number Version Supports FAT32?
4.00.950 Original Version of Windows 95 No
4.00.950a Original version of Win95 with Service Pack #1 installed No
4.00.1111 OEM-only release of Win95 with FAT32 support (known as OSR2 or Win95b) Yes
4.00.1212 OEM-only release of Win95 with FAT32 & USB support (known as OSR2.1 or Win95c) Yes

If your version number is not listed above then you need to use the alternative method to determine if your version of Windows 95 supports FAT32. If you have time I would be grateful if you could then email me your version number and tell me whether it supports FAT32. This will allow me to update the table.

Finding the Version Number in Windows 95

Once you have booted into Windows 95 do the following:

  1. Click on Start then Settings then Control Panel then System icon then General tab
  2. Your version number is shown on the right hand side

Alternative method to check for FAT32 support

  1. Exit to DOS
  2. Run Fdisk (C:\FDISK should work; if not change to C:\WINDOWS and type FDISK )
  3. If you get a screen that says "Enable large disk support Y/N" then you have a version of Windows 95 that supports FAT32
  4. Exit from Fdisk

Where to go next

If you have found that your version of Windows 95 supports FAT32. Then you may like to convert some or all of your partitions from FAT16 to FAT32.

  1. Check what File System the partition you want to convert is using (it may already be FAT32)
  2. Read the instructions for converting from FAT16 to FAT32