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The Sinclair Spectrum magazine index
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The Sinclair Spectrum magazine adverts extension

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SPOT is a detailed index of articles relating to the Sinclair Spectrum - the classic 8-bit computer designed by Sir Clive Sinclair and Sinclair Research - in the magazines Crash, Micro Adventurer, Sinclair Answers, Sinclair Programs, Sinclair User, Your Spectrum, Your Sinclair and ZX Computing (plus numerous issues of various multi-format titles). SPOT*On is a project to make all this information available on the Internet.
SPEX is an extension to the database using the same file structures and covering promotional features in the magazines; eg. advertisements, competitions, special offers.

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You may SEARCH the database on-line at Sinclair Info Seek.
Thanks to Martijn van der Heide for doing the work on this search engine.

Note: The publisher/author, product type, reference type and magazine descriptions are shown as short codes against each reference entry in the concise version. The file CODES.ZIP (35kb) has the full descriptions associated with each code.

Here is the SPOT specification.

SPOT/SPEX Summary - Issues currently indexed

Sinclair Answers202
Sinclair Programs35035
Sinclair Projects11011
Sinclair User*1370137
Your Spectrum21021
Your Sinclair93093
ZX Computing*39039


total issues indexed
(* = including annuals)
Big K12012
Computer & Video Games*1290129
Computer Choice9110
Computer Gamer27027
Games Computing11415
Games Machine34034
Micro Adventurer17017
Personal Computer Games15015
TV Gamer14014
Your Computer75479

Home Computing Weekly1330133
New Computer Express48107155
Personal Computer News4366109
Popular Computing Weekly251178429

sundry multi-formats (monthly)24--
Computer Answers, Computing Today, Electronics & Computing, Micro Update, Personal Computing Today, Practical Computing, Which Micro?

The Spectrum Opus Textorial - Online (SPOT*On) is a SPOT Enterprises Production
from: Jim Grimwood, Weardale, England
Home of the SPOT database (Spectrum Opus Textorial) and the Your Spectrum Unofficial Archive (YrUA?)
If you want more information on any of the articles listed, or on SPOT or YrUA?, or have any helpful suggestions, or any errors to report,
then please contact me: jg27paw4 at domain globalnet.co.uk .
* (SPOT Enterprises has no existence beyond the author's imagination. "Hey, I made it up!")

Last updates: SPOTdata: 20th May 2011; SPEXdata: 20th May 2011;
Appendices: 11th February 2011

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