T H E   T Y P E   F A N T A S T I C
( T T F n )
The Sinclair magazine type-in programs archive
D i a r y
In Case You're Wondering ...
Sunday 29th January 2023 : "Is TTFn moribund?"
Well, no, although not having done an update in over three years doesn't help to disabuse viewers of this assumption. I have every intention of doing further updates, as I have a large number of submissions to work through, but due to the Parkinson's I only have about 10 hours in every 24 when I can function more or less normally, and there are numerous other claims on my attention which I've got to manage as well. I will try to update this "newsbox" at least every fortnight or so, which event will indicate that there is an update in prospect.
"Sentries report Zulus to the south-west thousands of 'em."
Saturday 4th March 2023 : "Is it March already?"
Well, yes, and I still haven't done anything on TTFn, but it's still on my "To Do" list!
"I don't know who you are, or where you come from, but you most certainly don't fit in this town.
Why, you don't even fit in that dress!
Wednesday 15th March 2023 : "Anything happening on the TTFn front?"
Well, yes, but not so's you'd notice (in that I've got nothing ready to upload as yet). To get something out sooner I've decided to do an initial upload for those mags which only have a few outstanding contributions, then do the few mags with lots outstanding as separate uploads.
"As the poor lady could not ease her conscience this way, she determined at least to be charitable, and soon had the satisfaction of finding her porch thronged every morning by the raggedest, idlest, most drunken, hypocritical, and worthless tramps in Christendom."
Tuesday 9th May 2023 : "Is this an update I see before me?"
Well, no, but that's not for want of thinking about it ... I'm still being sent typed-in program files from a few die-hard veterans, so I owe it to them at least to get the site brought up-to-date. Keep watching the skies!
"We can't start escaping at a time like this! What would future generations think of us?"
Thursday 12th October 2023 : "It's in the trees! IT'S COMING!!"
Yes, it's finally done. After four years of waiting the first small fragment of the vast population of outstanding contributions has been uploaded to this site (see the "What's Typed In, Doc?" and "What's Gnu" pages).
"Single. One way. Maybe - he won't come back?"" "Oh, it's Phibes alright, sir, and he always comes back.""