T H E   T Y P E   F A N T A S T I C

Jason Grimblood's

A selection of some of the strange coincidences in the programs submitted to the magazines.
(All entries have been verified by either comparing the original published listings,
or by reference to published correspondence, as noted.)
If you know of any other amazing feats of programming propinquity,
then send me a note and I may give them a place in the Hall.

Paul Goodwin managed to make his listing in Sinclair Programs look just as though it had been copied from Alan Green's game published two years earlier in Personal Computer Games.
Alien Blaster Alan Green Summer'83 71 TAP SP G B Y 8300
Alien Blaster
Five Destroy the World
Paul Goodwin Jun'85 53 TAP SP G B Y 8506
Mark Roberts submitted an interesting "Time Bomb" variant to Your Spectrum but accidentally neglected to mention that it had even more interesting similarities to JM Stidwell's game published 9 months earlier in Your Computer.
Blokman JM Stidwell Jan'84 130 TAP SP G Y 8401
Stampabout Mark Roberts Oct'84 78 TAP SP G Y 8410
Gordon Locke's submission to Sinclair Programs was an only very slightly less than identical simulacrum of a program written by Simon Powell and published 9 months earlier in Your Computer.
Bridge Builder Simon Powell Dec'83 218 TAP SP G B Y 8312
Bridge Builder Gordon Locke Sep'84 48 G 8409
Jason Lane's submission to Sinclair Programs bore a striking resemblance to a program written by David Healey and published 15 months earlier in Computer & Video Games.
Curse of the Aztec Tomb David Healey Jan'83 46 P 81 G B Y 8301
Inca Tomb
Aztec Tomb
Jason Lane Apr'84 18 81 G B 8404
Babar Abidi's submission to Sinclair User was pointed out to have been almost quite identical to the program written by Andrew Murgatroyd and published in Computer & Video Games August 1983.
Haunted House Andrew Murgatroyd Aug'83 80 SP G 8308
Haunted House Babar Abidi Mar'84 80 TAP SP G B Y 8403
The Holdstock duo apparently deserved the entire credit for the "coding, sonics & graphiks" [sic] on the program they had included on the Crash Presents 14 (issue 78) cover tape, even though it might seem that Gavin Smyth did a lot of the work in a listing published in ZX Computing six years earlier.
Gavin Smyth Apr/May'84 14 TAP SP G C Y 8404
Cosmic Chaos Michael Holdstock, Craig Holdstock Jul'90 Z80 SP G C N 9007
Gavin Hamill exhorted us to "enjoy the six tunes that I spent ages programming" on the program he had included on the Your Sinclair Magnificent Seven 6 (issue 69) cover tape, even though quite identical tunes had already appeared as a Your Sinclair Program Pitstop listing by Lloyd Russell four years earlier.
Jukebox Lloyd Russell Sep'87 62 TAP SP U B Y 8709
Jukebox Gavin Hamill, Richard Crawford Sep'91 TAP SP U B N 9109
M Wallis submitted a singular example of parallel evolution to Your Sinclair which strangely appeared to be a disguised version of a program by John Charlesworth published in Your Computer over two years earlier.
Maggot Stomp
John Charlesworth Nov'83 134 Z80 SP G Y 8311
Hot-Shot M Wallis Feb'86 46 TAP SP G C Y 8602
The very spitting image of Khalid Jamil's submission to Your Sinclair was revealed, by Paulo Martins in Your Sinclair November 1987, as having already been written and published by Francisco Alexandre in the Spanish magazine Microhobby #78.
Peeker Khalid Jamil Aug'87 53 TAP SP U D Y 8708
A program rather like Robert Burgess's "100% original" submission to Your Sinclair was reported as having been published already by someone of the same name, under the title "Time for Action", in Magnum Computing's 60 Spectrum Games collection, and subsequently discovered in Computer Gamer May 1986.
Time Bomb Robert Burgess Nov'86 56 TAP SP G B Y 8611
Keith Bevan's submission to Sinclair Programs was surprisingly similar to a program written by Colin Carruthers and published six months earlier in Your Computer.
Time Switch
Time Slider
Colin Carruthers Aug'83 64 TAP SP G B Y 8308
Time Switch
Keith Bevan Feb'84 34 81 G B 8402