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Issue 2, March 1984 - Antescher map
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This is my first foray into the world of commercial software, although I had done a fair amount of computing for my sculpture course at the Edinburgh College of Art. The 3D 'soft solid' routines were written in a two week period at the beginning of last year on a friend's Acorn Atom, but the majority of Ant Attack was blasted out on the spectrum over 15 weeks - and that was with my friend, Angela Sutherland, designing most of Antescher's buildings, and some of the playing characters as well!
I'd never written a game before, so I was eager to consult as many computer enthusiasts as possible to find out what made an exciting game. But that wasn't my major problem - the task of getting my prototype onto a high street shelf
proved one of the most difficult. Having decided to send a video tape of the action rather than the original code, I made rather a futile attempt to get my program published by Sinclair Research. With no room in their hallowed halls for Ant Attack, there was nothing for it but personal contact. I found myself jumping up and down on the spot while I was explaining the game to Quicksilva - I guess they have quite a few programmers phoning them up and claiming to have written the best game ever. Still, if you think you've got something worth raving over, then rave over it ... and persist!
I hope you enjoy the game, and with this poster to guide you around the city of Antescher your problems should be over (or I should say, just beginning!!!).

Sandy White

Antescher map

The various locations in Antescher have all been given names by Sandy White (for his personal convenience when he was first assembling the city in his program). Now, exclusively for Your Spectrum, he divulges their mystic titles. To check an exact location, the numbers given here correspond with those on the Antescher illustration.

1. The Watchtower
2. Phosphor Henge
3. The Quai
4. Table Antchair
5. The Forum
6. The Anti Chamber
7. Skaz Yandor
8. The Pyramid
9. The Ancient
10. Oxymine
11. The Monument
12. Ant Eden
13. Argon's Leap
14. Artant's Villa
15. The Antimatter Cube
16. Droxtrap
17. Adriant's Wall
18. Bonzai Walk
19. The Squarena
20. The Crypt

Impressive though the 3D graphics are in Ant Attack, the aspect which really sets this program above all others is its ability to let you view the action, inside or outside the city, from any one of four perspectives. At the touch of a button, it's as if you're magically transported through 90° - useful if you're trapped behind a building just as the ants descend for their meal!

Original Ant Attack map donated by Dave Foreman
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