Your Spectrum
Issue 13, April 1985
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Frontlines Sinclair C5 illegal power-up
Moon Cresta (Incentive Software)
Talisman (Games Workshop)
4 Computer Buffs TV program (Channel 4)
Dk'Tronics acquires bankrupt Currah Micro Products
Ket Trilogy competion winner (Incentive Software)
Nordic goes into liquidation
Spectrum 16k/48k original models phased out (Sinclair Research)
QL News Concurrent QL Affairs
For all the news and views on the QL micro, dispel those rumours with John Torofex! New graphics packages (Talent, CP Software, Eidersoft), STOP Microdrive compression utility (Digitex), CP/M-80 card (QL+), CP/M packages & RAM expansion (Quest Automatic), New QL games books.
Advice Hacking Away
All the POKEs and more! Send your hacking hints to Andrew Pennell ... Scuba Dive, Fred, Sabre Wulf, Kokotoni Wilf.
Software Reviews Joystick Jury
From their bench on high, our regular panel of jurors - Ross Holman, Dave Nicholls and Roger Willis - pass judgement on the latest games software! Alien, Airwolf, Blue Max, Brian Bloodaxe, Bristles, Buggy Blast, Cyclone, Galaxian, Gift from the Gods, The Great Space Race, Hellfire, Learning with Leeper, Pole Position, Skyranger, System 15000.
Spectrum Adventures
Top adventure games reviewed - and there's hints 'n' tips on a whole lot more! After a hard day's night with Heroes of Karn and Curse of the Seven Faces, Clive Gifford dials the YS Adventure Helpline for the latest tricks 'n' tactics. Valkyrie 17, The Hulk, Hampstead, Snowball, Lords of Time, Colditz, Eye of Bain, Adventure Quest.
Software Features Return of the Heroes
Sequels Kong Strikes Back and Hunchback II have been two years in the making. Was the wait worthwhile? Craig Rawstron
April Showers
With the compliments of the season, Dave Nicholls and Sue Denham set out to track down the missing room in Jet Set Willy. Won't you join them?
Hardware Features Microdrivin'
Investing in a Microdrive is a relatively easy process - using it is another matter entirely! A J Unwin offers tricks and tips on how to get around a number of seemingly insurmountable hassles experienced by Microdrive users.
Programming Big Deal!
Card games written in Basic suffer from very slow graphics on-screen ... but if machine code's not your speciality, what do you do? Relax - the answer's here! Machine code magician, Toni Baker presents an amazing program to draw playing cards anyhwere on-screen - just like that!
1985 is the year of YS MegaBasic! And here for your delectation is a demonstration of its capabilities, courtesy of YS MegaBasic author, Mike Leaman.
Screen Scrunger
Calling all those of you who are contemplating adding graphics to your adventure programs. Chris Wood has devised a couple of screen compressor programs that'll 'scrunge' those screens and save those precious bytes.
Reader's Programs Program Power
Here's a double helping of listings to satisfy your appetite for good Spectrum programming, courtesy of Colin Barnsley (Squirler) and P J Simmons (Mystery Box).
Interviews David Heelas (Dk'Tronics)
Kevin Cox meets up with the peripheral people, Dk'Tronics - see inside! Out on the fringes of the computer world, there are all sorts of people producing peripherals that Sir Clive never bothered about. Kevin Cox sparred with David Heelas of Dk'Tronics at the recent ZX Microfair - this is his blow-by-blow account ...
Odds & Ends The YS Top 20
The YS charts of all the 'hot' games around. Check it out - after all, you voted for it!