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take a guess

The Useless facts pages . Well
these pages have lots of fun facts
all in groups. A must for trivia
and fact Fans

Same here another
part of my empire

Visit the massive
Archive of Useless Facts and Trivia
this site is massive. All facts are in a
Yahoo style directory for easy fact finding

8 out of 10
would be higher but has
lots of repeated facts.

Visit the useless facts network !
Well what can I say? not many
facts but links to facts pages.

3 out of 10
more facts more points

Deb and Jen's Land O' Useless Facts
A long list of Facts not in groups just a list,
Great if you like jumbled up facts.
This site seems to score high in search
engines and directorys

6 out of 10
good content but not so good site navagation

Guneet Singh's Useless Fact'o Page
This site has some good ideas, groups of
facts and so on. Not to be judgemental but
the everchanging layout and advertising
distracts me from regular visits

5 out 10
over advertising

Mr. Smarty Pants Knows Ah But Does HE
The page gets a mention just because I love the
name but it has lots of content aswell worth a visit

6 out of 10
worth a visit

The Den of Knowledge This page has a lot of
variety. (I love the paperclip page very interesting.)

7 out of 10
take a look at the paperclip page

Tons of Trivia! this page actually does contain
tons of trivia well worth a visit lots of trivia
games for you to test your knowledge

7 out of 10
For trivia look here

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9 out of 10
Everbody needs some fun in their life