Facts about the state of Wyoming

State Flag :

State flower :

Idian Paintbrush

State Bird :

Western Medowlark

State Tree :



State Motto :

Equal Rights

  • The name Wyoming is a contraction of the Delaware Indian word mecheweamiing at the big plains, and was first used as a name for the Wyoming Valley in northeastern Pennsylvania.
  • Wyoming is known as the Cowboy State and the Equality State.
  • It was the first state to give women the right to vote.(1869).
  • Cheyenne is Wyoming's capital and largest city.
  • The world largest single mineral hot spring is located in Wyoming's hot spring state park. Millions of gallons of water containing at least 27 different minerals flow though the sping every 24 hours, at a constant temprature of 135 degrees fahrenheit.


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