Facts about the state of South Carolina

State Flag :

State flower :

Yellow Jessamine

State Bird :

Carolina Wren

State Tree :



State Motto :

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  • The region was named Carolana, a word derived from the Latin form of Charles, in reference to the monarch. His son, Charles II, changed the spelling of the region's name to Carolina in 1663. During the 17th century the area now covered by the present state came to be called South Carolina and the area to the north became North Carolina.
  • The two sections remained a single colony until the British divided it into two in 1729.
  • The state's most popular, although unofficial, nickname is the Palmetto State. The palmetto, which grows abundantly in coastal areas, is the state tree and appears on the state seal and the state flag.
  • South Carolina ranks 40th in size among the states, with an area of 80,779 sq km (31,189 sq mi), including 2606 sq km (1006 sq mi) of inland water and 186 sq km (72 sq mi) of coastal waters over which it has jurisdiction.
  • The maximum distance, from east to west, is 439 km (273 mi) and its maximum extent north to south is 352 km (219 mi).
  • Columbia is the states capital.

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