Facts about the state of Michigan

State Flag :

State flower :

Apple Blossom

State Bird :


State Tree :

Western White Pine


State Motto :

If you seek Pleasant Peninsular look about you

  • The name of the state is taken from that of Lake Michigan.
  • With extensive portions of the Great Lakes under its jurisdiction, Michigan is the 11th largest of the U.S. states, with an area of 250,465 sq km (96,705 sq mi).
  • The state includes 98,917 sq km (38,192 sq mi) of the Great Lakes waters and 4413 sq km (1704 sq mi) of inland waters.
  • Lansing is the capital of Michigan.
  • Detroit is the largest city.
  • The largest NFL stadium is the Pontiac Silverdome in Detriot, Michigan.
  • Michigan was the first state to have roadside pinic tables.
  • Michigan's area is 58,216 sq mi in.
  • It became a state january 26,1837
  • It's nicknamed the wolverine state.
  • No matter where you stand in Michigan, you are never more than 85 miles from a Great Lake.
  • The state song is "michigan my michigan"
  • Michigan is the second largest state east of the Mississippi
  • Marshall almost became the state capital of Michigan but lost by one vote in 1848.
  • The state has more than 11000 inland lakes and 36000 miles of river
  • In 1997 Michigan became the 16th state to allow the blind to hunt

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