Facts about the state of California

State Flag :

State flower :

Golden Poppy

State Bird :

California Quail

State Tree :

California Redwood



State Motto :

Eureka I have found it

  • California has more national parks than any other of the 50 states.
  • It is the third largest state in the union.
  • The states official nickname is "the golden state" which refers to the gold rush, the nickname also refers to the states golden fields and sunshine.
  • The name California was first used to designate the region by the Spanish expedition led by Juan Rodr'edguez Cabrillo , as it sailed northward along the coast from Mexico in 1542. The name itself was probably derived from a popular Spanish novel published in 1510 in which a fictional island paradise named California was described.
  • Until 1967, LSD was legal in California
  • Mahatma Ghandi is buried in California
  • California is the most populous US state with a population of roughly 30 million
  • California consumes more bottled water than any other product.
  • California has issued 6 drivers licenses to people named Jesus Christ
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