Facts about the state of Kentuckey

State Flag :

State flower :


State Bird :


State Tree :

Kentuckey Coffeetree


State Motto :

United we stand divided we fall

  • Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentuckey.
  • The name of the state is derived from a Cherokee name for the area south of the Ohio River. The early pioneers spelled the name in many ways, including Kaintuckee and Cantuckey. Its meaning is disputed, but some historians believe it means meadowland.
  • In Kentucky, it is illegal to marry your wife's grandmother.
  • The state's official nickname is the Bluegrass State, which is derived from the famed bluegrass grown in pastures in central Kentucky. The grass, while green itself, has buds with a purplish-blue hue, which give pastures a bluish tint when seen from a distance. The nickname also recognizes the role that the Bluegrass region has played in Kentucky's economy and history.

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