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The crossroads of America

  • The state motto, the Crossroads of America, reflects the importance of Indiana in the commercial activities of the country, for numerous transportation routes pass through the state.
  • Indianapolis is the state's capital and largest city.
  • Indiana entered the Union on December 11, 1816, as the 19th state.
  • The state's nickname is the Hoosier State, and the people of Indiana are called Hoosiers. These two names are among the most widely known of all state nicknames, but their origin remains disputed. Among the many explanations is that of Jacob Piatt Dunn. He traced the word back to hoozer, a dialect word from the Cumberland district of northwestern England that meant any unusually large feature, such as a hill. It eventually came to mean a hill dweller, and as such, was introduced in hilly southern Indiana, the earliest settled part of the state. Another explanation holds that the term comes from the many Indiana residents hired by contractor Sam Hoosier, who became known as Hoosiers. Still others believe the word is a corruption of pioneer question Who's here?
  • The word Indiana simply means 'land of the Indians,' referring to the region's many Native American inhabitants. The term was coined in the 1760s and first applied to a private tract of land in Pennsylvania. In 1800 it was applied to the Indiana Territory when the United States Congress created it out of the Northwest Territory.
  • Gary, Indiana is the murder capital of the USA (Probably the world)

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