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Star Wars
Assault Frigate

I thought I would try to do it, and I did. The mesh is more like the XWA OPT than the picture in the Rebellion encyclopaedia but it is closer.


Bulwark Battlecruiser

When I finally built a Bulwark in Rebellion I was rather shocked to find that it really was that short and fat, it hadn't just been the angle in the encyclopaedia picture.
It also had very few pixels on the texture that could be interpreted as engines.


Bulwark-Deuce Battlecruiser

When the league I am in decided that a Bulwark would serve as a nice flagship for the New Republic I whined at them until they let me make it a "Bulwark-Deuce", or to put it another way a ship more like I had envisioned the Bulwark from the encyclopaedia picture.


Dauntless Cruiser

Probably no more accurate than the previous version, but slightly more complex.

Hopefully I'll be able to do a reasonable facsimile of this with a low enough facecount for the OPT version.



Nobody seemed to be going to submit a textured version of the SWMA Dreadnought so I textured it and slightly modified it to be closer to the picture in the Rebellion encyclopaedia.

To my annoyance this actually has the hangar in the wrong place. I might make corerctions and further modifications / enhancements eventually.


Expo Walker

A small walker used by the corporate sector and whose only picture was posted on the SWMA message board and which I decided to try to do.
This is not properly articulated so different positions would be tricky.


Preybird Fighter

When I saw it on the front cover of "Spectre of the Past" I decided it would be nice to do, when I saw it was going to be in XWA I decided to wait for the OPT to use as a guide.
This is a rather stretched version though so to be accurate to XWA you should squash it lengthways by about 10% (which I have checked as working)


Rebel Escort Carrier

I looked at it and thought it seemed like a simple shape, and it is (at least the way I did it). Used the Rebellion combat-section, the Rebellion encyclopaedia, and a quick look at the Essential guide to Vehicles and Vessels in the bookshop.

This model is rather inaccurate and is planned to be replaced eventually.


Tetan Cruiser

Started looking at the ships in the Sith War graphic novel and was annoyed to see that they were all (at least) slightly distinct from each other. Made a version of my own of a Tetan Cruiser.
This isn't a very detailed mesh so using it as a large element of a picture might not be advisable.


XvT Calamari Cruiser

One of my earliest mesh ideas was to take the DXF of the XvT variant of the MC-80-A and try to make a curvy version as I was sure that the design being called the ugliest Calamari ever was down at least partially to the angular nature required for an OPT rather than the basic design.


XvT Dreadnought

An even earlier mesh idea was to make a MAX version of the distinctive Dreadnought as seen in TIE Fighter and XvT. This was both because I needed it for cutscenes and because this was the first variant I'd seen.
A few months later I came back to it and redid the hull to be less angular (having discovered "Mesh-Smooth") and to use texture windows rather than lots of little objects.


XWA MC80a Calamari Cruiser

Since the previous MAX model was rather a mess as I had made it a compromise between the ship as seen in the cutscenes and the OPT I decided to redo it to be more OPT like.

As is fairly obvious I admit to using the TG CRS OPT textures as a base for my fiddlings around.


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Star Trek
Daedalus Class

There wasn't one available so I did one, but just as I finished one became available.
For those who don't know this is the earliest Federation Starship which entered service with Starfleet within a few years of the Federation being founded.
Alternately this is how they recycled one of the designs Matt Jefferies came up with before the one which was chosen for the original Enterprise.


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